A Call is defined by a connection between a phone and FreeSWITCH/Plivo. This may be inbound, when someone calls your application, or outbound, when your application initiates the call.

REST APIs for Calls

The REST APIs currently available for Calls are as below:

  • Call: Making an outgoing call
  • BulkCall: Making Bulk outgoing calls
  • GroupCall: Making a Group outgoing call
  • TransferCall: Transfer a live call
  • HangupCall: Hangup an ongoing call
  • ScheduleHangup: Schedule Hangup of an ongoing Call in Future
  • CancelScheduledHangup: Cancel Scheduled Hangup of a Call
  • HangupAllCalls: Hangup all ongoing calls
  • RecordStart: Start Recording a Call
  • RecordStop: Stop Recording a Call
  • Play: Play something to an ongoing Call
  • SchedulePlay: Schedule play to an ongoing Call in Future
  • CancelScheduledPlay: Cancel Scheduled Play to a Call

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