Play allows you to play something to a Call or bridged leg or both legs.

Play Request URL

To play something to a call, make an HTTP POST to the below URL with the required parameters:


POST Parameters

Required Parameters

You must POST any of the following parameters:

Parameter Description
CallUUID A unique identifier of the call earlier returned by Plivo to which the action should be applied.
Sounds Comma separated list of sound files to play.
Optional Parameters

You may POST the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Legs ‘aleg’, ‘bleg’ or ‘both’. On which leg(s) to play something.
‘aleg’ means only play on the Call.
‘bleg’ means only play on the bridged leg of the Call.
‘both’ means play on the Call and the bridged leg of the Call.
Default is ‘aleg’ .
Length Max number of seconds to play sounds.
Loop ‘true’ or ‘false’. Play sound loop indefinitely (default ‘false’)
Mix ‘true’ or ‘false’. Mix with current audio stream (default ‘true’)

Response Parameters

When you initiate a RESTAPI, Plivo responds with the standard parameters as mentioned here. No additional parameters are sent.

4 Responses to “Play to a Call”

  1. Omar says:

    What is not clear here: what the HTTP method for the sounds URLs is ? is it GET or POST ?

  2. Sajawal says:

    Hi, I implemented your play sound api that should be played during call. It is not playing during the call but when i record the call through your api and play it, sounds are there. That means sound URL is fine and im using the right method, but maybe im missing a parameter.
    Need help. Thanks.

  3. 94Roberta says:

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