RecordStart allows you to record a call through one request.

RecordStart Request URL

To start recording a call, make an HTTP POST to the below URL with the required parameters:


POST Parameters

Required Parameters

You must POST the following parameters:

Parameter Description
CallUUID Unique ID of the call
FileFormat File format, can be be “mp3″ or “wav” (default “mp3″).
FilePath Full directory path to save the file to.
FileName Default empty, if given this will be used for the recording.
TimeLimit Max recording duration in seconds (default 60)

Response Parameters

When you initiate a RESTAPI, Plivo responds with the standard parameters as mentioned here. Along with that the following additional parameters are sent:

  • RecordFile: Full path to the recording file

3 Responses to “Start Recording a Call”

  1. Brian says:

    this is a test record

  2. Chris says:

    This documentation does not match.

    Which one is it? CallUUID in the URL or call_uuid in the body?

  3. inq says:

    for recording incoming call on plivo register number is there any require initialize parameter like auth_id and auth_token..(eg.p=restapi(auth_id,auth_token))?

    is it possible without auth_id and auth_token

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