ConferenceListMembers allows you to get list of Members into a conference through one request.
You can mix some filters (see MemberFilter, CallUUIDFilter, MutedFilter and DeafFilter), to retrieve only some Members.

ConferenceListMembers Request URL

To say speech into a conference, make an HTTP POST to the below URL with the required parameters:


POST Parameters

Required Parameters

You must POST the following parameters:

Parameter Description
ConferenceName Name of the Conference
MemberFilter A list of MemberID separated by comma.
If set only get the members matching the MemberIDs in list. (default empty)
CallUUIDFilter A list of CallUUID separated by comma.
If set only get the channels matching the CallUUIDs in list. (default empty)
MutedFilter ‘true’ or ‘false’. If ‘true’, only get muted members (default ‘false’)
DeafFilter ‘true’ or ‘false’. If ‘true’, only get deaf members (default ‘false’)

Response Parameters

When you initiate a RESTAPI, Plivo responds with the standard parameters as mentioned here. Along with that the following additional parameters are sent:

  • List: Conference settings and list of members in json format.

Below is a json result example :

  "Message": "Conference ListMembers Executed",
  "List": {
    "MyRoom": {
      "ConferenceMemberCount": "2",
      "ConferenceName": "MyRoom",
      "ConferenceRunTime": "28",
      "ConferenceUUID": "4abbc05d-bbb5-490e-bd21-72fb7e642b12",
      "Members": [
          "Muted": false,
          "Deaf": false,
          "MemberID": "5",
          "CallNumber": "1000",
          "CallName": "SIP1000",
          "CallUUID": "3e2ac3d0-4652-4b6d-9cdc-9317c2ec4d91",
          "JoinTime": "23"
          "Muted": false,
          "Deaf": false,
          "MemberID": "4",
          "CallNumber": "1001",
          "CallName": "SIP1001",
          "CallUUID": "534499c6-2781-40ad-931a-39a5d3c4598e",
          "JoinTime": "28"
  "Success": true

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