RESTXML documents comprise of Plivo Elements. There are 10 core Plivo Elements:

  • <Speak>: Read some text to the caller.
  • <Play>: Play an audio file to the caller.
  • <Record>: Record a call or part of a call.
  • <GetDigits>: Get the digits a caller presses.
  • <Dial>: Call another phone number or conference and connect the current caller.
  • <Conference>: Create and join a dynamic conference.
  • <Hangup>: Hang up the call.
  • <PreAnswer>: Answers the call in early media mode. Useful for playing custom caller tunes.
  • <Redirect>: Redirects the call flow to a new URL to receive RESTXML
  • <SIPTransfer>: Reroutes a SIP call to a SIP URI.
  • <Wait>: Wait for a specified time before executing the next element.

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